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William Gladys was born in Middlesex, England. As a mature student he graduated with a BA Hons in English Literature at Cardiff University, Wales. He took early retirement after many years in self employment, and now lives with his wife Grace in the South of England. Reviewing poetry is a major enthusiasm and also literary research. A competent player of blues on the trumpet, particularly the works of Miles Davis, an ex martial arts instructor and private pilot.

William Gladys
  The author contemplating removal of the profligate royals and the "British" monarchy.
  Oops! slip of the tongue. For floor please read door. "he thumps his pole on the DOOR not Floor of the House of Commoners".
Monarchy, regrettably the nations  POLITICAL STRAIGHT JACKET
  Mr Corbyn a loyal British patriot
  General Anonymous
  National Identity
  The absurd OZ national flag
  Oath of Allegiance
  Good Day - Hereditary Privilege - A Plague on Both Our Houses.
  Goodbye Britain

Politics of Tyranny & Denial is his first book, but some of his recent short stories have been published in the U.S.A. Many of his articles opposing the West's aggression in the Middle-East, have been published at home and overseas. He can be contacted all hours on:
william.gladys@fuggingmonarchy.co.uk or


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Monarchy: Politics of Tyranny & Denial' by William Gladys - one of my nom-de-plumes -  is now out of print but the complete contents and further additions can be viewed on this popular democratic website.

Additional nom-de-plumes: Roy Terrs - Alabama Tootoo - Lena Helena Zorn.

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